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Preparation Induction IWO, Regent Sergai Acceptance Audience DPD IWO Sergai

SERGAI-(GOPerintis)- Council of Territory Leadership (DPD) Union of Online Jurnalist (IWO) Serdang Bedagai regency (Sergai) to audience with Regent Sergai, In Sei Rampah. Tuesday (27/11) in the morning

DPD IWO Sergai to audience with Regent Sergai Ir.H.Soekirman was accompanied by expect staff Ramadhan, assistance I Sergai of ragency of government Drs. Harlan Panggabean, sector of chief executive (Kabid) news realise H. Zainal Abidin,S,Pd. While management of IWO was presented by chairman Zuhari, vice of chairman Supriyadi, Secretary Sutrisno, vice of secretary Husnul Rizal, treasurer Yusnar Albanjari, vice of treasurer Endang Wahyudi, chief of clmittee Affan Antafif, Aripin djunkiss, and Bambang Dewanto.

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Chairman of IWO Sergai Zuhari said that IWO present in Sergai wants to indicate that we already help and develope Serga8 in carry out perspective and mission from “luckly land, country traditional” (Motto Sergai). Membership of IWO consist of 22 from 16 different medias in Sergai

This induction, detail Zuhari, will be done at December 4, 2018 in H.T Rizal Nurdin auditorium in Ragent Office complex Sergai. We hope Regent and vice Regent to give guidance and directive to IWO Sergai to get better.

Sergai Regent Ir.H.Soekirman said that “first, I respect to Online medias of IWO in Sergai. It just because follows technology development in period millanial and IWO have been helped Sergai from Online media in front of other regency.” Expressed him

“Second, coordination better and make writing with in fact. I’m really aware that the strenght Online media with a picture. More and more picture, so society is interested seeing. Society need information quickly and accurate. But remember, Online media have weakness, because it should be online and quick it can make writing less complite and wrong type. Because of I wish repair it in other to IWO Sergai become good media.”explained Regent

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“Last, in next time we will make free wife till villages. villages socienty can acces internet. It is close relationship with Online media, besides IWO as news release can create economy to maznagement organization of IWO, Can create businesses online too, as businesses as in other online.” Added him again

“In my hope, IWO can develope and innovation themselves. As for can create Online media with English and Mandarin languanges. And IWO have high sale price for Online media of IWO. Closed him



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